The Morning Mindset Routine: Set Your Tone

How do you set the tone for your day? If you’re like the average American, you throw off the covers and rush out of bed. Whether you are greeting your day with enthusiasm or are moving at light speed because you have sooooooo much to do, things can get lost in your day. You miss the mark on getting things done or you may regret that you didn’t perform them in a better mood. Imagine if you thoughtfully began your day, setting a tone for what you desire your day to be like rather than letting the day dictate your tone.

Before you begin your day, and I mean from the very beginning, when your alarm has just gone off and you are frantically waving your hand in the direction of the clock hoping to hit the snooze button, take a moment to pause to set your tone and your mindset.

Here are three strategies to do everyday before you get out of bed,

  1. Take a breath. You just woke up and your body deserves a deep, cleansing breath. A deep breath will physically benefit you from oxygenating your blood, to engaging respiratory and core muscles, to stretching lung tissue to increase capacity.
  2. Think one thought of gratitude. There’s so much research on how just thinking of what you are grateful for improves your mood. Think of what you DO have and bring a smile to your face.
  3. Set one intention. What’s one thing you want to have happen today? It could be a task or specific action like exercising or cleaning the bathroom. But it could also be a general state of being you wish to manifest such as patience or compassion. Focus on what you want from the day and go get it!

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