10 Minute Mat For a Healthy Back

Strengthen your core, stretch your back. Fire up the glutes and relax overactive muscles. Restore balance and relieve pain. Feel strong and calm! NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED!

This practice is designed to relieve low back pain safely and strengthen the muscles needed to support the spine and pelvis. Perform these exercises when you are experiencing lower back tightness and need a quick remedy. Grab a mat and carve out 10 minutes for you!

Click Here for 10 Minute Mat For a Healthy Back!!!!

Below are the list of the exercises performed in the video. Consult a doctor if you are experiencing any pain or have a health condition that could be aggravated with exercise.

  • Pelvic Curl
  • Shoulder Bridge
  • Toe Touches
  • Dead Bug
  • Isolated Abs
  • Sidelying Hydrant
  • Sidelying See Saw
  • Sidelying Clam
  • Cat and Cow
  • Shell Stretch

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