Working Out From Home, Optimally

How’s the saying go? “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have much.” This is especially true today. There is no more important time to stay healthy and fit.

“But what about….. (insert challenge here)?” You may have doubts about how you are supposed to keep continuing your workout routine. “I don’t have the equipment.” “I don’t have space.” “I don’t have motivation.” While it is a challenging time right now, taking your fitness routine from the gym to home is one thing that is possible, and it’s easier than you think!

There are so many “what abouts” that it can get overwhelming. However, I have found that when we focus on what we can do optimally within the constraints we are experiencing, we have more comfort and satisfaction. When we do things optimally, we are doing them in the best or most favorable way.

When transitioning your workouts to home, take these three things into consideration. It’s all you optimally need to keep your fitness plan on point.

Create a sacred space. Having a dedicated space for fitness will entice you to use it. Your space can be as large as a vacant room to as small as the size of your yoga mat. But you have to set it up! Organize any equipment you have for easy access. Set the tone. If music motivates you, have your blue tooth speaker nearby. Light candles for yoga. Create a space you want to be in.

Use what you got. This is not a time to purchase new equipment, especially if you don’t have space or funds. Body resistance exercises provide an effective workout. Weights are easily substituted with cans of soups and milk gallon jugs. Towels and ties can be used as stretching straps. Learn to thrive with what you already have and anything is possible!

Join an online community. There’s a reason we go to classes and workout at a gym: to connect with others. Whether you chat away with your gym buddies or keep to yourself, there’s no doubt that the presence of others motivates us and keeps us accountable. Sign up for an online class or join a social media board to share and post workouts. Remember, we are all in this together. 🙂

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